Menu Plan Monday

Here's our menu for this week, remember to check out OrgJunkie to see even more!!

Monday: Swiss Steak in the Crock.

Tuesday: Sweet n Sour Chicken (I'll post this one sometime during the week)

Wednesday: Hungarian Goulash in the Crock.

Thursday: Wanchai Ferry (probably Cashew Chicken)

Friday: Something fishy...

Saturday: Steak Layered Dinner in the Crock (from Stephanie O'Dea's cookbook!)

SundayHoney Balsamic Chicken w/potatoes and green beans.

And totally off food topics - do any of you feel like you are addicted to couponing or am I all alone out there? I feel like I need a support group or something!! I've just recently started seriously getting into it instead of just using whatever coupons I have and we've been saving a ton of money. I've also started getting into Walgreens and CVS and honestly I feel like I've just robbed the store when I walk out with all that stuff for so little money!!! Here is the website I use to organize my trips, what about you??

Love and Luck to you!!

The Packet Queen


  1. I am not being very successful with coupons. I gave it a great and organized start from Jan 1 and have only saved about $15. I find most of the products are not at my stores or else it's coupons that there is no savings in buying stuff you don't need or want and is only cluttering up your house (OK,can you tell that bothers me LOL??)And also, I was dissapointed that Grocery Outlet does not take coupons, I like shopping there!! So, there are my reasons for failure, please encourage me to continue onj by an it will get better speach.....Julie
    PS:: Your menu sounds great

  2. Melanie RF.3/29/10, 7:43 PM

    I love love love coupons, been using them for 2 years now and we don;t buy anything unless it is on sale and a coupon...I started a log this year and since Jan 1 till March 29 I spend about $1100 and that is for everything but cloth even some Toy deals for x-mas are part of this total and the total merchandise total we got for the $1100 was $4950 ... 76% savings... we spend only $560 on groceries in those 12 weeks ..... and we are a family of 2 adults a teenager a tween a ttoddler and 2 dogs... and all of us are eating on a budget of $50/week or $100/week for EVERYTHING but cloth.... it is the BEST thing, use them as much as you can.. if I can help, e-mail me. I'd be more then happy to help

    BUT I wanna say I LOVE the recipes on your blog... can't wait to try them and see even more... you are awesome...:-)


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