Salisbury Steak From a Packet!!

Today is the Ultimate Recipe Swap over at Life as Mom! She's asked for recipes that use 5 ingredients or less, and I thought I would highlight an old recipe that never fails me!!

This is my all time favorite dinner, no joke. Which is also why I am linking up with It's a Keeper which is being guest hosted over at B & the boy!! I could probably live off of this meal and nothing else! It's funny to realize that now, because growing up my mom made it about once a week and I got so sick of it that I never wanted to eat it! To go straight to the recipe, click here!

The great thing about this recipe is that it takes so little to make something so tasty! Here is what you need:

Hamburger, green pepper, onion, and Brown Gravy Packets! I use two, you could use more, if you aren't making a lot of meat you'd only need one, but try it with two first, because the gravy tastes so good after it's cooked that you will be licking the pan!

So as you can see, the first step is to make the hamburger patties and then brown them. After they are browned on both sides (not cooked through) go ahead and take them out and use some paper towels to sop up the grease. I suppose this is optional, but I like to get as much of the grease off as possible. This beef is 93 percent lean, but it still looks super greasy to me:

Once you've got an acceptable amount of grease soaked up, go ahead and throw these guys back in the pan. I should note that you want a deep pan with plenty of room for the gravy and onions and peppers.

Speaking of the onions and peppers, go ahead and slice (not dice) them up like so:

Next, dump your packets into a measuring cup that will hold 2 cups of water:

Add the 2 cups of water, mix it up good with a fork, and then dump it in the pan with your hamburger:

Then add the onions and peppers:

And add some salt and pepper. Again, I don't use measurements, but I have a not so secret love affair with pepper, I go a little easier on the salt though:

Now you simply give it a good mix around and cover it. It needs to cook for about an hour on low (simmering). I flip the burgers every 15 minutes or so. On Sunday when we made this we had gone to the late mass at church and didn't get home until almost 7, so I didn't let it cook the whole time, only around 45 minutes. This is okay, but it just gets more flavorful the longer you cook it, plus the gravy will thicken more if it has more time. Here it is at around 30 minutes:

To round out this meal, you DEFINITELY need to serve it with mashed potatoes and corn. You will see why later, but just trust me on this.

When you've got about 10 minutes remaining on the cook time, go ahead and whip up some instant potatoes and throw the corn in the microwave for a few minutes. To save myself dishes I use a tupperware dish that will fit my leftovers when all is said and done because there is never enough corn left to save.

Then, serve it up, here is my stepsons plate:

He had seconds, and thirds too I believe.

And this is why this meal needs mashed potatoes and corn.... this is how I eat my salisbury steak:

And that is also how my stepson eats his now too! I don't eat the onions or peppers because, as I've mentioned before I was a spoiled only child and I didn't like them so my momma didn't make me eat them, I still don't until this day. BUT the flavor they give the gravy is unbelievable!!

Here is a simple printable version. Let me know how it turns out!!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen


  1. Looks GREAT!!! I like EASY!!! recipes.

  2. I too love the easy recipes and the packats!

  3. I tried your Salisbury Steak recipe this evening for dinner w/out packets. I cannot have soy and a large number of grocery items have soy in them.
    I followed your directions but used homemade beef broth to cook the patties in with flour and water as the thickening agent. I did use the peppers and onions for flavor as well.

    Again, since I have a soy intolerance I made homemade mashed potatoes as well as corn (one of the few food items w/out soy in the ingredients).

    It made a very great meal, but I think next time I make this I will try preformed patties.

    We had a great meal!

  4. Ladies, it definitely is an easy recipe and definitely worth a try! Let me know if you end up making it!!

    Misty, I'm so glad you were able to make this work for you! I had no idea so many products contain soy, I'd love to hear if you have any tips for homemade beef broth, I've never made my own broth!

    And I don't see why preformed patties wouldn't work out just fine, it'd make this recipe that much easier. I have made it with frozen patties that I got on sale once - the kind that come around 30 to a pack but I found them to be too greasy (I think it was because they were cheap and not full hamburger but with lots of fillers - I'll never buy that again!)

  5. Girl, this is my kind of cooking. I think I will try it with premade hamburg patties. I also use the mashed potatoes which are already made and you need to heat them up in the microwave. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I follow the recipe in Sally Fallon's Nourishing Tradtions book to make beef broth.

  7. Mmmmmm, this made me drool! Looks delish and easy! Thanks,will have to try it!

  8. YUMMMM. I think we'll be adding this to the menu soon!

  9. FINALLY, someone after my heart. I've often said some of these packets have the perfect combo of seasonings. Just wished there were more recipes out there using them. Esp Italian salad dress dry mix & ranch dressing dry mix. So happy you formed this website. THANK YOU! Realize we have to be careful with salt, etc but sometimes these little packets make it so much easier & faster. And the Salisbury steak recipe sounds & looks fabulous!

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