Menu Plan Monday

I've been a very lazy blogger the past few weeks. I've cooked and photographed over 14 recipes and I haven't posted a single one. Shame on me!! So I am going to get back into the swing of things starting this week. Starting with planning my weekly menu... so here it goes:
Today: I've wanted to try the Korean Roast Chicken Thighs recipe for awhile now, but I definitely want it to make it in the Crockpot - so check back to see how it turns out!!

Tuesday: Coupons for Wanchai Ferry are back on smartsource (or coupons.com - I always get them confused) so I grabbed 4 boxes this weekend - I believe we'll be having the Spicy Garlic Chicken this week - to see another Wanchai Ferry meal that I've made, check out Cashew Chicken! 

WednesdayI'm going to try a twist on Mexican Penne. I got the idea from this recipe that I have made before but didn't go over so well with the boys, so I am going to make it and omit the cream cheese. Then about a half hour before it's ready, Hubby can boil some penne, add it to the pot, stir real well, and top with cheese. Once the cheese melts I believe we'll have Mexican Penne in the crockpot!! Side note - I haven't yet decided if I'll stick with the chicken or use ground beef or turkey. We'll see how much of a hurry I am in!

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie casserole. I'm really in the mood for this so I'm hoping it turns out good it's a brand new recipe for me!

Friday: An all time favorite - Salisbury Steak. Check it out - it is simple and delicious. I also made recently a cubed steak recipe that was remarkably similar. If you follow the directions, but add green pepper and onion you've got a great dinner and super tender cubed steaks!

Saturday: Crockpot Italian Chicken. Sounds so easy and so seriously yummy. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

Sunday: Good old fashioned spaghetti with salad and bread sticks! 

Remember, you can check out hundreds of other menu plan ideas over at OrgJunkie!!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen

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