Our Menu for the Week

Monday - American Chop Suey in the crockpot.

Tuesday - Ranch Teriyaki Chicken from the Make it Fast, Cook it Slow cookbook!

Wednesday - Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf. But I think I'm going to make it in the crockpot.

Thursday - Another Wanchai Ferry meal!! (You can't tell we love these can you?)

Friday - Puerto Rican Chicken with black beans and rice. This looks incredible and I know we're going to love it!

Saturday - Never did make the Italian Crockpot Chicken so that's back on the menu this week..

Sunday - Pesto Pasta w/chicken - I found a packet for pesto that looks delicious, so I'll be testing it out this week!

Also on the site this week I should get around to posting the Sweet n Sour chicken I made ages ago so check back if your interested!!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen


  1. you must be so busy, it is 2 weeks since your last menu plan. I depend on your posts to find new fun things to feed my boys. Hope all is well

  2. TY for your very kind comment!!!! I am hopefully going to get back into the swing of things!!


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