Menu Plan Monday

This week the weather has finally cooled down!!! Very exciting news around here, it was in the 80's all last week!! So beef stew from last week was moved to this weekend. I have links for two of these recipes, so check them out, they are all favorites here!!

Monday - Shoyu Chicken. This goes over so well with my boys that I actually make it more often than my menu calls for, I always have a bag of frozen chicken thighs (3 dollars! I just have to peel the skin off myself, no big deal) and the rest of these ingredients are ones I always have on hand, so whenever something comes up and I can't cook what I've planned, I just throw this in the crockpot. It falls off the bone and goes wonderful with rice.
  • My modifications to this recipe are very few, but I do add a little cornstarch to water and thicken it up towards the end, and when I throw it all together, I don't mix separately in a bowl - who needs the extra dishes, I just mix it up in the crockpot and then throw the chicken in, never hurts!
  • Check out how I make it here: Shoyu Chicken 
Tuesday - Kung Pau Chicken! Yum, this is a packet recipe I will introduce this week on the site. I just gave the packet to the neighbor across the street from me this past week (she had mentioned how much her husband loves kung pau, but she doesn't know how to make it), she raved about it! So check back.. (link is up now!)

Wednesday - Farmhouse Chicken. This is a great one dish meal that I've made a few altercations to, I will probably go into detail later on in the week, but just off the top of my head:
  • Use low sodium stuffing mix
  • Use a 1/4 of a real onion instead of the powder
  • Mix up the cream of soups - I think I use chicken and celery 
  • Omit salt! 
Thursday - The Fiesta Salad I was supposed to make last week (doctor's visit got in the way of that!)

Friday - Some new recipe I find on one of your lovely blogs - any ideas for something casual, with little prep, and around 5 main ingredients (don't worry about spices/etc) would be appreciated!!

Saturday - Pizza! But with a little homemade twist - I've teased about my dough before but hopefully I will get the recipe on here soon - but now I am going to tease about my homemade mozzarella cheese! Hubby and I are going to make it on Tuesday night so look for the post later in the week on how to make your own cheese - it only takes 30 minutes!!

Sunday - Beef Stew from a packet... finally. I have been waiting for the cooler weather and it is here!!

Looking forward to browsing your menus over at OrgJunkie!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen


  1. I've made a recipe similar to Farmhouse Chicken. I added some frozen (thawed) mixed veggies to it. YUM! I'll have to make this soon! Check out my blogs! I have some easy recipes that you may like to try on Friday.

    I'm adding myself to your followers. I like to have new resources for easy meals!

  2. Queen, thanks for checking out my blog and my recipes! The stew meat will work perfectly for the pepper steak! I use london broil because I like my meat diced smaller and I was cutting the stew meat into smaller pieces anyway. So, I figured that the london broil would be better so I could just cut it into my prefered size to begin with! Let me know if you try the recipe!


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