Wanchai Orange Chicken... boo!

I suppose everyone has an off night when it comes to cooking - a night where just nothing comes out the way you wanted or expected it to, whether it be a new recipe that didn't turn out right, or a quick and easy meal you thought you'd try to save some time. I've fallen into the latter category this week! 

Since hubby was out of town and it was just me and my stepson I thought I'd try the frozen Wanchai Ferry kits for two. I used my coupon for 1.50 off and grabbed the Orange Chicken variety. I can't hide my disappointment. Which is really shocking, because the box kits off the shelf by the same company are so good and such a big hit with all of us here, like Cashew Chicken for example.

I'll admit right now, it wasn't that it didn't taste good - it did!! But there just wasn't enough of it for me and the growing teen of the house. Let me show you what I mean...

Here is the photo I took before I opened the bag, imagine if you will how happy I was to try this delightful sounding meal:
Now, imagine my smile turning upside down when I saw the contents of the box:
Okay, I don't think you are getting the whole picture, so let's take a good look at that chicken again:
Not a whole lot is it? Anyway, I carry on, maybe when it all comes together it'll be enough?

So, to follow directions, I add some oil to pan and dump the chicken in:
Seriously? It just doesn't look like enough chicken to feed a hungry 5 year old let alone two people.

But let's keep going, shall we? Remove chicken and add veggies and sauce w/some water to the pan:
Okay, to be honest, this isn't all the veggies - we don't like baby corns, so they got left out:
Poor, sad, left out baby corns.

After the veggies have cooked for a bit, add the chicken back in and throw the rice in the microwave:

I also used the microwave this time for the new box of egg rolls I mentioned when I made the Cashew Chicken, it says they "microwave crispy". Disappointment all around tonight, my stepson asked me to please never microwave them again - they were soggy and not crispy at all!

So here is stepsons dinner:
Looks pretty good right? It was, it got very good reviews. However, you see that plate right there above? That's all of it. I stole two pieces of the chicken just to try it, and gave the rest, rice and veggies included, to him. And yes, he was still hungry later.

Here's my dinner:
Had a coupon for this too, it wasn't bad, but the meatballs were kinda off tasting so I just didn't eat them.

Hubby when are you coming home, I need to cook nice big meals again!!

Don't try this unless the person you are sharing it with isn't going to eat very much!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen

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