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This week isn't going to be very interesting in the cooking department. Hubby is headed off for a conference on the other side of the continent and with him gone, frozen pizzas/meals will come into play! Especially with my night classes, it is just a bit easier to throw on a pizza instead of expecting the 13 year old of the house to operate the crockpot and remember to turn it off, and so on and so on... Excuses, excuses. Frozen pizzas were on sale this week anyway, and there were tons of coupons, so without further ado, my menu for the week:

Monday - Frozen Pizza! California Pizza Kitchen thin crust bbq chicken - yum!

Tuesday - Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken - from the freezer section, haven't tried this yet, will let you know how it turns out

Wednesday - Frozen Pizza!! I am getting a little embarrassed. Some plain old Tony's multiserve is the plan.

Thursday - Fiesta Salad... and guess what, it's from a packet! Look for a post on it later this week!

Friday - Steak Sandwiches to welcome Hubby home - I use Pioneer Woman's recipe, but I cut out the butter and add a few things of my own, and serve it up with french fries and green beans.

Saturday - BBQ chicken, potato salad, and veggies. We normally have pizza on Saturday nights, but with all the pizza in my menu already I think we'll be sick of it by then, so I'm using my old standby, I always always always have everything I need to make this, frozen chicken breasts in the freezer, a variety of BBQsauces, and some potatoes so that I can make whatever floats my boat.

Sunday - Stew from a packet. Hopefully it cools down a bit outside before I make this, the weather just isn't cooperating with me! But, this is delicious and probably my second favorite packet recipe of all time, come back next week to see the post!

I'm going to head on over to OrgJunkie and see what's on everyone else's menu for the week!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen

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  1. We're having Beef Stew this week too.
    Looks like you have a yummy week planned.
    Have a great Halloween or Harvest Festival!


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