My First Menu Plan Monday!

I read so many great recipes and menu plans from the links I find on the Menu Plan Monday blog!! I have been lurking for the past few months, but I'm ready to join in the fun, finally. I normally plan my menus out for a month, some people call me crazy but it takes less work to sit down for an hour once a month and hash it all out then to stress about it every week. But for this blog I'll tone it down and just go week by week.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always stick to this plan, but I do try!

Monday - Chicken and Dumplins. I make this in the Crockpot from a recipe I found at All Recipes and tweaked it to our liking - using refrigerated biscuits as the dumplings is super yummy and turns out great.

Tuesday - Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit - Cashew Chicken. I had a coupon for this again this week from coupons.com so this kit only cost around 1.50 and it is a huge hit. I always throw some frozen mini egg rolls in the oven as an appetizer to go with this.
  • Tuesday is always Asian night in our house - however, up until about 3 months ago I had no idea how to make anything in this category. Since both my hubby and stepson love Asian food I had to find a way - these kits along with some other wonderful packets make wonderful dinners that are super easy and tastier than anything you get at Chinese takeout!
Wednesday - Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with corn. I'm trying a new meatloaf recipe this week, the one from my mom didn't go over so well (too "plain") so this one is topped with Chili sauce. I don't eat meatloaf so I can't tell you how it turns out, but I'll report my findings!

Thursday - Shredded Beef Nachos. HUGE favorite here, cook the roast in salsa all day then shred it up and put it on top of chips with beans and cheese, plus all other yummy toppings.

Friday - Fish Fry & French Fries. I've been saying I'll make this every Friday for 3 weeks now. I keep ordering out, going out, or having leftovers! I am determined to make it this week.

Saturday - Homemade Pizza - Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni, and Ham & Pineapple. I have been on the quest for the perfect homemade dough for the better part of a year and I think I finally have what I'm looking for, hopefully I'll be able to blog this recipe when I make it on Saturday!

Sunday - Salisbury Steak. This will definitely be a blogpost soon, but until then, I have it posted on RecipeZaar.

There are tons more weekly menu plans over at Organizing Junkie, go check them out!

Hope everyone has a great week - I will be visiting your sites to see what you've got cooking in your kitchens!

Love and Luck to you,

The Packet Queen


  1. Great menu! I love homemade pizza night! I may have to try Buffalo Chicken Pizza sometime

  2. Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!!! I'll have to try your Shredded Beef Nachos sound really good.

  3. We LOVE Chashew Chicken, I will have to look for that one!

  4. I host a weekly blog event called Crock Pot Wednesday and would love for you to participate. Mister Linky is up for this week's Crock Pot Wednesday and there's a giveaway going on. Come check it out. Your chicken and dumplings would be perfect for that.


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